Monday, October 25, 2010

A new endevor

Life has been busy for me, with my job, the kids, the hubby, not to mention me going to school. However, all seems to be going pretty well right now. I have found that I have to allow for some creative time for myself or I start to become resentful and angry. The last couple of times that I have sat down to make a card, nothing seemed to come out the way I wanted it.

So I started to look at youtube to see different kinds of techniques and I stumbled on Art Journaling. Now I have seen this before and I REALLY liked the idea. I have all the Studio Paints, Stickles, Tim Holtz alcohol ink refillers, so I figured I would do something different. I had an old spiral bound scrapbook that I had gotten at Micheals or someplace like that, so I gesso-ed the page and started creating. I have to say it was a LOT of fun!!! Here's the end result.
I have really enjoyed getting all kinds of paint and paper and using some of my old scrapbooking supplies. It was just so much fun to let my creative mind wander. What freedom it was. So I think that this is where my creative outlet will be. I have seen some beautiful Art Journal's out there. I can't draw, but it doesn't matter. All that matters is that you create and enjoy!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Thank You Keva!!

I went to the mailbox today and what a sweet surprise I received. Keva thank you so much for the birthday card. I LOVE IT!!!!! So pretty and it totally made my day! It isn't the best picture, but so lovely in person!