Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Enjoying the Journey

I have been enjoying my new endeavor...Art Journaling, however I don't know if this is where I will stop for good, or if this is just a part of the journey. I have found that I enjoy working with paper, stamps, paint, I am not sure where my area of art is going to be. I think that many artists dabble in many mediums, it keeps things interesting.

This spread I made about some friends who have been married forever and seem to be heading down the road to divorce. Its so sad to think that even after 20 years, you can still get a divorce. I mean I would think you have made it!

I see that the date stamp on the picture says 1/15/2010.....but that is wrong. Will have to fix that! I think you will be seeing more of this and maybe a little less of card making on my blog! But that is okay, cause I am enjoying the journey!!!